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For all my friends who still not know me yet rightly, don’t ask repeatedly again, coz I’ll sharing for you all about my self here.
My full name is AGUSMAN TELAUMBANUA and my nick name is “Agus”. I’m a fourth son in my family, which I’ve three older siblings who they’re male all. The name of my first brother is Yulianus T., the second brother is Marinus T., and the third brother Hadiraman T. The name of my father is Mr. Bz. Tel. And my mother is Mrs. Ad. Tel. I always love them very much anytime and anywhere, coz they always love me very much too. They always support me for all things in my life.
I come from the small village in Nias Island that the name is Onozitoli village. Actually my village in this one village is Onozitoli Street, Nu. 89, Sawo, Nias, North Sumatera. The name of my Elementary School is SDN No. 074050 Sawo, my Junior High School is SLTP Swasta BNKP Maranatha, and my Senior High School is SMAN 1 TUHEMBERUA. I go through all these my education over nine years in Nias Island.
But, now I continue my next stage education in University out of Nias Island, that in Java Island. The name of it University is “Pelita Harapan University Surabaya” that is the one of Privat University in Indonesia and its location in Surabaya City. I can join in this University because I’d the Scholarship from its University, namely Lippo Scholar. I concentrate in Accounting Department , that a part of Business School Faculty. I give thanks very much in my life with this Scholarship because it can help my parent to defend all fees during I take study in this college.
At first, I feel doubtful and less my self confidence to can adapt my capabilties with the academic program in this University because they told for us if in this college use the Full English in Learning Process. They say this statement because the attribute of Pelita Harapan University is Smart Campus and Global Perspective, so it must the International Language, that is English. But, because my parent, my brothers, and my friends always give the high self confidence to me, I decide to continue my study in this universities untill now.
In Pelita Harapan Universities, I’d so much new things and experiences in my life, especially soft skill that I never get it before. Let say, this universities changed my life style from the bad normality to good and holy normality. I got various experiences, such as English development and ‘Holistic Education’ that implied with the vision of this Universities, they are ‘True Knowledge, Faith in God, and Godly Character’. I give thank very much with Pelita Harapan Universities that can changed my life to be better than before.
Now, I done Fourth Semester in Accounting Department and I’ll finish my Bechelor Degree for two years again. I always pray and ask guidance from the God during I take my study in this Universities. AMIN.


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